Welcome to Homage Vineyard- a 5 acre vineyard, backing up to the Napa River, located in the North East Napa Valley, just south of Calistoga.

The vineyard was established in 1973, growing a variety of wine and desert grapes.  It has been planted exclusively to Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in since 1999. When Avia and Simon Hawksworth bought the property in 2005 the vineyard had been neglected for a several years. They invested heavily to bring the vineyard back to a level where great cabernet sauvignon could be produced. That journey also allowed Avia and Simon to meet the people who would eventual become part of their wine family.

From March through November the entire valley comes to life as the vines begin to grow and mature producing world-class grapes which in turn produces the wines Napa is renowned for.  Here at Homage Vineyard, nothing is sweeter than to see the fruit of the land blended with the fruit of our family’s labor into fine wine. We don’t produce much wine at Homage, but what we do make reflects our taste for thoughtful, food friendly, beautifully made wine.

When people ask us about the success of our vineyard, we can only marvel at the constant love and support shown by our family and friends.  From planting to pruning to harvesting and crushing, the countless hours have been devoted to every bottle of wine we produce.  Without them, Homage Vineyard would be just a dream and it is in the spirit of paying respect to those people that have been so generous with their time and dedication that we chose the name Homage.

If you would like to visit our vineyard located just south Calistoga.  Please call:  (707) 490-8449 or email us at aviahomage@att.net.